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The Elsewheres live at The Curtin

The Elsewheres

Technicolour Indie-Rock

Melbourne technicolour indie-rock collective The Elsewheres champion honest storytelling wrapped in thumpingly raucous arrangements. The 8-piece squad are armed to the teeth with ferocious brass, velvety vocal harmonies and lashings of groove. Held aloft by this monstrous collective founder, Oliver Northam weaves enthrallingly vulnerable narratives of morose longings, jovial romances, and battles with the blue devil. Delivered with the gruff rasp of an embittered sailor and the warmth of mum's vegetable stew he has a knack for making every word find its mark.

Meet The Band

Dermot O'brien with The Elsewheres live at The Curtin

Dermot O'brien


Grace Phillips with The Elsewheres live at The Curtin

Grace Phillips


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